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AI4ALL Alumni Portal

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UIUX Design / Education

My client, AI4ALL, is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Fei-Fei Li (Stanford University) working to increase diversity and inclusion in artificial intelligence for underrepresented high school students. Our team was tasked with envisioning a web portal for alumni to keep in touch with each other and the organization, and to allow for AI4ALL to support them when needed.

My Role

UX Researcher, UI/UX Designer


Guerrilla Research, Mindmapping, User Interviews, Survey Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Ideation, Sketching, Wireframing, Visual Design, Design Systems


The Problem

There is a low level of alumni engagement on official AI4All alumni channels such as Facebook and email lists, and no “good” way for alumni to engage with the program.


We were not able to have access to AI4ALL’s students or alumni, though we were provided with past survey data.

Our Solution

We envisioned a platform that encourages organic interaction between alumni and provides them with the social and technical support they need through high school and college to pursue careers in AI, combining messaging, social interactions, and learning resources while preserving user privacy. In addition to the high fidelity prototypes, we came up with a MVP proposal which the team would be able to implement immediately without the need for engineering resources.


Our research process includes the analysis of survey results, interviews with AI4ALL stakeholders, high school graduates, and other alumni engagement professionals. We also conducted a competitive analysis of related services, including:

  • Related programs: Girls Who Code, Free Code Camp, Posse Foundation, Teach for America

  • Third-party services: Bright Crowd and Hivebrite

  • University alumni engagement: UT Austin, Indiana University

  • Admin Dashboard: Slack, Facebook, Microsoft

Success Metrics

Based on the strategic pillars, we came up with these key value-based success metrics for the new platform

Strategic Pillars

From our research of successful alumni portals and engagement programs, we came up with these 3 strategic pillars to guide our design

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 1.36.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 6.33.16 PM.png

With the key strategic pillars and success metrics, we came up with the following features to prototype:

  • Onboarding

  • Content feed

  • Messaging channels

  • User Profile

  • Learning Resources

Low Fidelity Prototypes

Low Fidelity Prototypes

Key Insights (after presenting to client stakeholders)

  • Data Privacy: A lot of care should be put into protecting data privacy, especially since the target users are high school or college students, while simultaneously balancing this with the ability to track overall diversity and user engagement. Tangible design decisions: to minimize data collection during on-boarding, have all interactions be public

  • Community Norms: Since we are building an online community, we should think about introducing community norms and rules of engagement when users are first on-boarded, and reinforcing these norms through the platform


  1. MVP

    As the client did not have the resources at the time to implement the platform, we decided to propose a MVP which could be implemented without engineering, proposing to use Slack for the following reasons:

    • Highly likely that users are already on the platform, hence there would be lower barriers for adoption and lower switching cost

    • If used during the program, it could increase “stickiness” and sustain engagement once students complete the program

  2. High Fidelity Prototypes:



Content Feed and Channels

Content Feed and Channels

Learning Resources

Learning Resources



What I am most impressed by is how the team responded to critical feedback that I gave in the midpoint check-in and incorporated it into the final presentation.  I think they really listened and built something that looked like something we’d actually want to build if we had additional resources.
— Amy Chou, Corporate Partnerships Manager @ AI4ALL
This is a very successful design for the client — you gave them something they can use now (the MVP recommendation) as well as a whole host of ideas for future development if they get resources. There were a lot of great touches in the final design, but in particular I appreciated the ways in which you were creating tools for a vibrant community while respecting the limitations around privacy, moderation, and interactions between users. Nice work!
— James Reffell, Director of Design @ Clever