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redesigning crypto investing

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design Strategy / blockchain

I was part of the founding team at Cryptonite, an early-stage blockchain startup based in Berkeley. Cryptonite focuses on building a crypto-investing and portfolio management tool to facilitate ease of trading and managing alt-currencies. Cryptonite was awarded the Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Startup Seed Fund and was part of Berkeley’s SkyDeck HotDesk program in 2018.

My goal was to redesign the crypto-investing experience to make it more accessible to mainstream users.

My Role

Head of Design


As the only full-time designer at Cryptonite, I was in charge of all things design and more:

  • Design Strategy and Education

  • User Research: Methods and Execution

  • Using Research to influence Product Strategy

  • Visual Design / Branding / Copywriting

  • Storytelling / Pitch Deck Design

My work at Cryptonite made me believe that in order design is highly essential in order for the blockchain technology to gain mainstream adoption. I was inspired me to further pursue designing for blockchain as a UX Designer with Blockchain at Berkeley.

Recognition & Awards

Frontier Innovation Awards - Audience Choice Award 

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Featured: Cryptonite Landing Page Redesign

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